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The Commissioner of Prisons Seychelles met with incoming members of the 2nd cohort from Tanzanian Prison Service who started to arrive to replace the 1st cohort. Induction process now underway. A positive working arrangement between respective prison services remains.

Seychelles Prison Services

The Seychelles Prison Service (SPS) has welcomed 18 Seychellois staff after successfully completing their probationary phase.

They were confirmed in their post in a ceremony held yesterday at the SPS headquarters at Montagne Posée.

The newly confirmed staff presented themselves for a short drill and inspection, before they each signed the prison service ‘Code of Ethics’, this before the Superintendent of Prisons, Superintendent Raymond St Ange, and other assembled officers.

Towards a professional prison service

By now, citizens and those who choose to be informed on the workings of the prison service will be aware that on August 21, 2020 it will be my distinct honour and privilege, this time with the support of the James R. Mancham Peace and Diplomacy Institute at the University of Seychelles, as well as the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) to host a symposium entitled ‘Crime and punishment. Have we got the balance right?’

In fact, this will be the third event that will have been organised since my appointment as superintendent of prisons. The events have provided an opportunity for the prison service to engage with stakeholders and as well as providing updates on progress and way forward. I expect that this event, to be held next Friday, will as well provide the same opportunities.

Seychelles Prison Services

New date for Prison Day announced.

The Seychelles Prison Service on Tuesday celebrated for the second time the Feast of St Adrian which is observed on September 8 each year.

The prison service adopted St Adrian as its patron saint of prison guards at a special ceremony held last year at the parish of St Francis at Baie Lazare.

Adrian of Nicodemia, Turkey was martyred in 306 A.D. Converting to Christianity while in service as an imperial guard to Emperor Diocletianus, he suffered as a result of defending those in custody and awaiting trial in the imperial courts.

Gate one where the new facility is located (left) at SPS Montagne Posée

The Seychelles Prison Service has announced that its new reception facility being built at the Montage Posée prison is nearing completion and is expected to be in operation during the first week of October.

Costing over R2 million and built by Nicks & Co Construction, the facility once commissioned will function as a reception and control point for visitors and staff accessing or leaving the prison service’s main prison facility located at Montagne Posée.

The James R. Mancham Peace and Diplomacy Research Institute and the Seychelles Prison Service (SPS) are organising a half-day symposium at the University of Seychelles next Friday, August 21, 2020 to discuss crime and punishment.

Crime is a worry for all societies. It is a worry because it is a threat for the rest of us. And it is a worry because the criminal themselves are wasting their lives.

But what to do about it? In an ideal society there would be no crime. But, sadly, there is no such place and we have to deal with it. The question is how best to do this. If we get it wrong, prisoners will be locked up for a term and return to society – until the next time. But if we get it right there is hope that they can be rehabilitated to become good members of their community.

Seychelles Prison Services

A group of secondary students from English River school with a record of truancy, recently had the opportunity to interact and positively engage with prison officials as well as two young inmates with the aim of helping them change their behaviour and take their studies and life more seriously.

The session was led by Elsa Nourice, the principal probation officer and head of rehabilitation and psychosocial support at the prison service. Raymond St. Ange, the superintendent of prisons was also present and he addressed the students pressing home to them the need to take life seriously and positively.

Seychelles Prison Services

The Seychelles Prison Service has named its members to represent the entity on a joint prison technical committee with Mauritius.

The members are Raymond St. Ange, superintendent of Seychelles Prison Service; Meira Savy, advisor to the Designated Minister; Elsa Nourice, principal probation officer and head of rehabilitation services at the Seychelles Prison; and chief inspector Louisna Neamtu, head of internal assurance and quality at the Seychelles Prison.

The nominations were submitted through a letter sent to the Mauritius Prison Service with a note verbal from the department of foreign affairs attached.

In October 2017, the then Minister for Family Affairs, Jeanne Simeon and the Mauritian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, Seetanah Lutchmeenaraidoo, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which would see each country’s respective prison service cooperating in the areas of prison operations and staff training. The agreement was to remain in force for a period of three years following which it would be automatically renewed for an additional three years.

Seychelles Prison Services

Representatives from the various religious groups have met with Superintendent of Prisons, Raymond St Ange, along with Elsa Nourrice, head of rehabilitation, and Donald Zialor, rehab officer and programme coordinator for Project Phoenix at the Seychelles Prison Service (SPS), to discuss the resumption of faith-based support work with inmates.

This took place during their second meeting for this year.