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New facility for male remands

A facility to cater for male remands was opened on 26 April 2017 by Minister for Home Affairs, Mrs. Mitcy Larue at Bois de Rose Ave, at the National Security Campus, in Victoria. The campus as well houses police and maritime security facilities.A separate facility catering for female remands is in operations at the SPS Montagne Posee.

Open of a low risk open prison on Coetivy Island

A first cohort of male prisoners was transferred to a rehabilitation program on Coetivy. After a number of years, the operations and the program were reviewed. Inmates were then moved back to SPS Montagne Posee on 9 August 2019.The prison facility was closed permanently on 1 February 2020.

Special prison at Marie Louise Island

A new high-risk facility was opened on Marie Louise Island in March 2012 and declared a special prison by President James Michel. The facility was to manage those inmates convicted of drug trafficking and other serious offenses such as escapes.The operations of the facility was reviewed and after consultation with stakeholders, the facility was closed on 30 September 2017 with those inmates moved back to SPS Montagne Posee.

Montagne Posee Prison built. Low to medium risk inmates

A new facility located at Montagne Posee prison and housing both male and female prisoners within separate facilities was constructed. All inmates from Long Island were transferred to the new prison at Montagne Posee prison on the 30 September 2006. The inmates from Grand Police high security prison were transferred on the 23 June 2007.The facility at Montagne Posee as well now manages high-risk inmates.

New management for Grand Police and further changes

In February 1996, the Grand Police high security prison was officially transferred to civilian management, and inmates moved to Long Island (B Block). In September 2003, the high-risk prisoners from ‘B’ Block Long Island were again transferred to Grand Police high security prison. This time the prisoners transferred to Grand Police where the ones who attempted to escape from lawful custody and those repeatedly breaking the prison rules on Long Island. It kept aggressive prisoners under stric

New high security prison

In February 1989, the Grand Police high security prison was opened and declared a special prison by President France Albert Rene. It was a temporary setting to accommodate mainly high-risk prisoners (with charges such as an armed robbery) because no such facilities existed on Long Island to cater for such types of offenders at the time. The Grand Police facility was under the supervision of the Seychelles military.

Female prisoners at Long Island

Female inmates were kept at distance from the male prison, and they were accommodated in a small wooden house. No male prisoners were allowed access to female prisoners. The small wooden house was ideal for the small female population at that time.

Transfer of prison

On the 26 of February 1980, the Union Vale prison was officially transferred to the Long Island prison. Divided into an open prison and a maximum security (B Block) which in 1995 was declared a special prison by President France Albert Rene.

New prison constructed at Long Island

In order to cope with the over-crowding at the Union Vale prison, Long Island, which was a quarantine station, was declared a prison on the 17 March 1961. The prisoners where engaged in productive activities ranging from carpentry to livestock breeding. Also situated on Long Island was the Governor’s rest house.

Water project for Union Vale prison

In this year an irrigation project and reservoirs was constructed. It was used for watering the prisons farm at Union Vale. An average of 40 prisoners was employed daily on the construction of the reservoir.

A facility for youth

The first juvenile detention center was opened.

New prison at Union Vale

In the view that the Victoria prison was overcrowded and with close proximity to the public, a decision was made to relocate the prison to Union Vale at English River district. This new prison was opened on the 18 September 1951.

Death sentence

The last person to be actually put to death was a 37-year-old man. The man was convicted of murdering his wife and following his conviction was put to death by hanging in the courtyard of the central prison at 07.45 AM on the 19 January 1948. In 1966, one prisoner was sentenced to death, which was later commuted to life imprisonment. The death sentence was abolished in 1970 by order of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II.

Early prison

In the early 1900s during the colonial period, the prison was situated at the current central police station, and was separated into two blocks. Being a male and female block.