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Seychelles Prison Service

Seychelles Prison Service

The Seychelles Prison Service today continues to evolve and progress forward as it reviews its Prison Act and proposes fundamental changes to its operations and as well the regulations which guides us. On 14 February 2017, the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Honorable Danny Faure, at the State of the Nation address added further momentum when announcing that there was a need to reform the prison service.

For this reason the Seychelles Prison Service actively aligned its operations to ‘Nelson Mandela Rules for the Humane Treatment of Prisoners’, and sought further regional and international cooperation. We are proud of the accomplishments to date and recognize that the men and women of the service aim to do more and be better

Mission Statement

  • To protect the public from offenders.
  • To respect human dignity and decency in the execution of our duties.
  • To provide the best correctional facilities based on human dignity and decency.
  • Provide rehabilitation programmes of a vocational nature.
  • To rehabilitate prisoners by means of offending behaviour programmes and corrective counselling.
  • To provide educational and self development opportunities for prisoners.
  • To develop community, businesses and charitable connections that will assist prisoners lead lawful lives.
  • To provide a decent, hygienic, well maintained and supportive prison Community that promotes safety and respect for all.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the centre of excellence for effectively managing and rehabilitating our prisoners to exceed international minimum standards.

We will serve the public of the Seychelles by carrying out the sentences of the courts and contributing towards the development of a crime free society by rehabilitating prisoners in our care